Most Wanted

Most Wanted 2022 Winners

Hottest Muscle car
Mick’s Camaro “07561J”

Hottest VIP presented by OzMover
Ben’s Century “DC0099”

Hottest Number plate
Neil’s Impala “Eshayy”

Hottest Livery presented by Prowraps
Allen’s Supra “Mrfu88”

Hottest Vinyl wrap
Frank’s tesla “Spr1se”

Hottest Paintjob
Ron’s “Aloha”

Hottest widebody presented by Motorsport towing
Axe’s Rx7 “Hlk20b”

Hottest Ute/truck

Hottest Old school
Andrew’s cobra “65snake”

Hottest Stance (air suspension) presented by KS Racing
Erkhan’s mustang “16ford”

Hottest Stance (static)
Bruce’s 180sx “Mlnium”

Hottest Female ride presented by Tyrex
Jansu’s 86 “jansu”

Hottest Interior presented by Tyrex
Daylin’s E30 “Detain”

Hottest Air ride set up by Airflex
Axe’s rx7 “hlk20b”

Hottest USDM presented by Tyrex
Erkhan’s Mustang “16ford”

Hottest EUDM presented by Airflex
Daylin’s E30 “Detain”

Hottest JDM presented by Wheel fix
Moey’s EK “M95”

Hottest AUDM presented by Tyrex
Tim’s senator “Enemy8”

Hottest Car club presented by Motorsport towing
Fortune gang

Hottest Wheels presented by Wheel fix
Aston’s 86 “Astons”

Illiminate’s Choice
Danny’s S15 “99loco”

Most Wanted 2nd Place
Daylin’s E30 “Detain”

Most Wanted 1st Place
Axe’s RX7 ‘HLK20B”

Most Wanted 2023 Winners

Hottest Muscle Car
Arthur’s Chevrolet Camaro “67LSA”

Hottest Livery
Motive Video’s Skyline R32 GTR

Hottest EUDM
Nico’s Ferrarri 812gts “GTS F1”

Hottest AUDM
Tim’s holden VP commodore “Enemy8”

Hottest USDM by Func7ion
Michael’s Chevrolet camaro “TheGTR”

Hottest Vinyl Wrap by Chemical Wizards
Tony’s Mercedes AMG GT “LIVLO”

Hottest Interior by Chemical Wizards
Tim’s holden VP commodore “Enemy8”

Hottest Old school by Ignite Gaming & Hobbies
Koray’s Volkswagen Beetle “Minty”

Ignite Gaming RC Body Comp
Manny’s Wutang AE86

Hottest Paintjob by Blackout Garage
Bruce’s Nissan 180sx “Fortune”

Hottest Widebody by Concept Garage
Mike’s Subaru WRX STI “Endgame”

Hottest Number Plate by Shannon’s
Rory’s Toyota Supra “Bruuuh”

Hottest VIP by the Carter
Maxamillion’s Toyota Crown Majesta “WILRUN”

Hottest Stance (Air suspension) by Motorsport Towing
Eric’s Mazda RX7 “vnd”

Hottest Air Ride set up by Motorsport Towing
Mike’s Subaru WRX STI “Endgame”

Hottest Stance (Static) by MCA Suspension
Nathan’s Nissan s15 “200sxx”

Hottest Wheels by MCA Suspension
Tony’s Honda Accord Euro “chetme”

Hottest JDM by Automotive Superstore
Tim’s Nissan s13 “91SLV”

Hottest ute/truck by Automotive Superstore
Spike’s Suzuki Mightyboy “13bboy”

Hottest Female Ride by Automotive Superstore
Kayla’s Nissan s13 “UOK013”

Hottest Car Club by Automotive Superstore
House of Stance

Most Wanted 2nd place
Tyrone’s BMW E30 “EVL60T”

Most Wanted 1st place
Zaid’s Mitsubushi Evo 9 “EVOKNG”